Seasonal Salon

I Write of Trees with Great Delight

When I am among the trees,
especially the willows and the honey locust,
equally the beech, the oaks and the pines,
they give off such hints of gladness,
I would almost say that they save me, and daily.
Mary Oliver


Mary Oliver and I share a passion and deep gratitude for our relationship with trees. Summer Solstice feels like the perfect season to honor and reflect on our tree relatives as they are displaying their fullness and offering us needed shade from the merciless heat of the sun.

My knowings of trees have been with me since childhood. Trees were my mountain hide-out, my rocket ship, my jungle gym. A favorite game I invented was taking turns “shapeshifting” into different trees as the group tried to identify the tree. Had we been observed by adults I’m sure we would have been judged afflicted by ants or worse. Trees were my best friend and my solace. I had long conversations with my tree friends, sharing secrets, tears of hurts and sorrows and many confused feelings about the behavior of non-tree beings… human beings. Trees are consistently empathetic listeners and sympathetic supporters. I have known them as guardians, witnesses, playmates, nurturers and kin folk. They have been and still are one of the greatest providers gifted us by our Mother, providing soothing sounds, visual delights, sweet scents, shelter, clothing and the air we breathe.

I have always said that trees require a certain amount of gazing upon daily to thrive. This quiet act is vital for humans in the energy exchange, providing stress relief as we “ingest” with our whole bodies, the healing energy trees offer. Negative energy is dissipated and positive energy is generated for the good of all as we gaze. Trees are relational, not only with humans but with each other. They have feelings just as we do. I always feel sad when I see a tree cut down and her severed pieces scattered as if her life had no meaning. Even as a child, I did a mourning ritual. I placed my little hands on those pieces of her body and told them how sorry I was and I would give kisses to comfort them. Their passing was honored by my broken heart. Trees have an intelligence, memory and they communicate with each other across the boundaries of their own tree tribe. Science is finally coming to understand what I have known as common sense and experienced my whole life.

There is a giant ancient white pine in a little rest area off the road to Ely MN that I have joyful reunions with every summer I travel there. She was 100 years old when the indigenous people of this continent discovered Columbus. She stands tall and continues to persist in her service through all of the evil enacted by humans against the global environment and each other. She nurtures my hopeful heart and I call upon her strength to keep hope alive and stay focused on enduring and loving service for myself and all others. May we each be as strong, sturdy and generous as this mighty tree.

Blessed be        MG      among the trees of Windridge, Indianapolis  June 2018


MG (Mary Gaul) is a Faerie Guardian, Ordained Priestess of RCG-I. She is a healer and works with sound and stones and crystals. She loves elephants.

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