Seasonal Salon

From the Editor

From the window of my writing space, I watch the maple leaves dance in the hot breeze. The sound track is Carolyn Hillyer’s CD, “Old Silverhead.” The music soothes me as I retreat from the 90-degree heat that suggests Lammas rather than the Summer Solstice.

The longest day; the shortest night: this is Summer Solstice when we honor what we’ve created, are nurturing, and intend to maintain. What have you created? What are you nurturing? A garden? A poem? A relationship?

Sometime between Spring Equinox and Beltane, six of us Goddess women gathered in circle to create a space in which to explore questions and to deepen our knowings.How did we come to Goddess? How is it to grow old?  How do we grieve? What about assisted suicide? Because we are young and old, the sharing of our stories is varied and rich. We do not doritual; our time together is a ritual. I write this to let you know how our knowing emerged—or was re/membered.

While we cannot ignore the harshness—dare I say inhumanity—of the current political environment, our circle is committed to creating respectful and fearless loving energy. Each time we gather, we begin by opening our heartspace and sending out loving energy. Trite as these words threaten to become, All there is is love.They are words each of us—you and I and my circle mates—do our best to affirm. And it is not an easy task, is it? However, what we in circle have come to believe is that whenever we gather, with the combined intention of raising the power of loving energy—often with sound, a hum, or maaaa—that energy is disseminated and does, indeed, make a difference in ways we may never know.

You will discover in this issue of the Seasonal Salon a new column, “Wisdom from the Well.” We remain committed to re/membering and honoring not only those women who have gone before us, but our own priestesses. There is vast wisdom, experience and knowledge among those who choose to embody Her and do Her work.

As you read our offerings, may you find support to create, nurture and maintain your Goddess energy.


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