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Letter from the Editor

Every year I am surprised how, by Autumn Equinox, the days seem to have suddenly  shortened, how the light has dimmed…a reminder that we are embarking on our own descent into the deepening time on the Wheel. Indeed, Persephone’s journey into the Underworld invites us into a change of consciousness.

We live in challenging times; we are being called to do as much as we can, not only to stay above the fray, but to do all that is possible to effect change, whether that be energetically or physically. Perhaps more than ever in our lifetime, it is more vital to make a difference through the dark time.

Some women, too few, are being heard—their abusers, some being held accountable, are no longer protected by a system that maintains the patriarchal status quo.* Silence is no longer an option.  While I do not claim to be a movie reviewer, there are two women’s voices that deserve your attention. Both are available on Netflix. Nanette… and Seeing Allredd.Both of these women must be heard! Hannah Gadsby in Nanettedelivers an important message for all of us, as courageously she re-defines stand-up comedy. The personal is political.

 In contrast, Seeing Allredd, explores the life of feminist firebrand attorney, Gloria Allredd whose story who gives “pushy broad” a new meaning. She willbe heard…and for that we are grateful.

Autumn is a time for harvest…a time to assess where we have been, what we have accomplished…what has yet to be tended. What is your personal harvest? What might your journey into the dark time be?

We hope you will find this issue an opportunity to explore your own harvesting and to voice your truth and power more courageously than ever.

So won’t you add your energy to ours.  

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*This writing preceded the catastrophic Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing regarding the naming of a Judge to the Supreme Court (whose name shall remain unspoken). We deeply honor the voice of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Her courage inspires us.

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