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I began knitting about 10 years ago. Each time I make something for someone I make it because they either requested it, or I felt that they had a need that my craft would fulfill. One of the recent projects that I made was this dragon scarf for my youngest son Benjamin. He has always had a special relationship with dragons. I assume it is because of all the Scandinavian blood running through his veins. He surrounds himself with them, and I believe they have offered him protection as he has entered the world of humans. Benjamin has some high functioning autistic tendencies. So he has always struggled with being around people, although he has come more and more into his own as he navigates college and relationships.

Last spring I decided to help him feel connected to the dragons in his life while he was out in the world. I would knit him the scarf with a dragon on it. It was supposed to only take a month to do, but realistically that probably was never going to happen. First, because it was my first double knitted project. Second, because it was for Benjamin, who takes life at his own pace, as he can. I was able to complete it recently, and he never leaves home without it. Once he puts it on he is reluctant to take it off.

Of all the things I have learned being an Ordained Priestess for RCGI, it is that nothing we do is without purpose. The energy we put out into the world through living is a magical thing, that can benefit those around us who need our help.

Wishing you all a magical Solstice,
Debi Smith


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