Consecration Affirmation

Women's Thealogical Institute-Consecration Affirmation

I am greeted here with what seems like a paradox: in order to be of the greatest service I must be most truly myself. I must consider each issue, see clearly, and gain the ability to be in balance. Therefore...

I must study myself and come to understand myself, both my strengths and weaknesses; in thus knowing myself, I will come to know and recognize myself in others.

I will lead a balanced life. I will find a way to indulge in no excess while allowing myself to explore each possibility that exists.

I will always seek for the greatest good for the greatest number while never allowing a sacrifice of individual fulfillment.

I will be tolerant and accepting of differences of opinion while never compromising what I know to be true.

I will be an example to others while never setting myself above anyone.

I will communicate fully with others while also understanding the value of silence.

I will show a way while never limiting the free will of another.

I will study and learn, all the while knowing that as I learn, the more I know, the more I know I need to learn.

I will wait for each seeker while always seeking for those who wish to share knowledge.

I will teach what I know while allowing each to sift knowledge within their own beliefs and values to determine their own truths.

I will feel compassion for others while maintaining enough perspective not to be caught in their problems.

I will understand and be guided by my instinct and intuition while learning not to have my vision clouded by apprehensions and delusions.

I will be in harmony with the Universe while finding appropriate ways to live on the Earth.

I will accept the differences in each individual while understanding that the Earth and all her plants and creatures are one.

I will learn the ways of the Goddess/life force energy while knowing that this energy is unknowable.