About the Women's Thealogical Institute (WTI)

The Women's Thealogical Instititute (WTI) encourages women to emabark on a program of self-directed spiritual development activities designed to further both personal and spiritual growth. WTI is a structured, but not rigid, program for women who wish to deepen their understanding of, and commitment to, Goddess spirituality.

The Women's Thealogical Institute began as a correspondence program in 1990. After several years, it became clear that women needed more personal interaction. Thus the "Cella Program" was born, with the first group convening in Madison in 1992. The program continued to grow and the Guardian and Crone Programs were added in 2003.

The Convening Advisors, plus a representative from RCG-I, constitute the WTI Advisory Council.


How WTI Works

Unlike most other educational programs, WTI training does not tell you what you must learn or know to progress. The program provides a structure, but the women participating in WTI set their own pace and define their own activities. Each woman's activities are unique; the responsibility for designing and following through on the training rests with her. Women participating in the program receive an Advisor who can assist with suggestions about spiritual studies and provide support as the program progresses. Advisors within the WTI training are knowledgeable about Goddess Spirituality, Witchcraft, the course of study and the Congregation.

The WTI course of study sets broad parameters, allowing you to create your own activities in response. For example, an activity in Goddess study reads: "Become familiar with ten Goddesses, know their country of origin, attributes, what they govern, their basic myths, and whether they are maiden, mother or crone Goddesses." With these basic guidelines each women then decides how she wishes to fulfill the objectives of the activity. The system of individualized learning allows you to create a program that is structured to meet your unique needs and interests.


Who Can Participate

Any woman who is a member of RCG-I, has made both the Affirmation of Women's Spirituality and the Consecration Affirmation and is interested in pursuing further knowledge of women's Witchcraft and Goddess spirituality is welcome to enroll in WTI Training.



The minmum commitment for the WTI Weekend Program is one year, which includes attendance at 3 weekend trainings (two advising weekends and one intensive). After your first year you will be asked to evaluate whether you wish to continue in the Program. The entire training requires a six year (18 weekend) commitment.


The WTI Weekend Groups

Within the WTI there are three programs. They are:

  1. Cella - a program for women to discover the inner mysteries to themselves and Goddess religion
  2. Guardian - a program for women to discover sacred actions for themselves and Goddess religion
  3. Crone - a program for women over 53 who wish to reflect on their lives and relationship to Goddess


Weekend Groups or Online Program

There are two ways to Participate in WTI training. You can Participate in the WTI Weekend Groups offered at many locations throughout North America or you can participate in the WTI Athena Online Program.


Dates for WTI Weekend Groups

WTI advising weekends are held twice a year in your local area. WTI Intensives are held at various locations around the country. One of your three weekends will be an Intensive. You may have to travel to attend the intensive of your choice or you may be able to attend one in your area.


Congregation Membership

In order to participate in the WTI Weekend Groups, you must be a member of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International. Membership in the Congregation is free. If you are not yet a member and would like to join, fill out the membership form.



In making your decision to participate in WTI, it is important to be aware that the WTI program provides credentials in Goddess spirituality. Although it is possible, and even encouraged, to create a multi-cultural approach to your studies, the program wishes to make it clear that basing a majority of your work on activities outside the context of Goddess spirituality is not within the purview of the program. Specifically, we are not able to provide credentials to those studying: Native American Spirituality, African and /or Eastern Religions. Additionally, we are unable to provide credentials in male-based traditions.

If a significant portion of your training will be from a tradition outside of Goddess spirituality, you will be required to find a mentor within that tradition. A mentor must be a person who is:

  1. Willing to work with you on your WTI training
  2. Willing to sign documents for your WTI training
  3. Actually of the ethnic heritage or group that you are studying. For example, if you are studying Native American Spirituality, your mentor is required to be a person who is a Native American, not a person of another ethnic heritage who has gained knowledge about that tradition.
  4. You must be willing to do some type of voluneer work or intership with the people whose spiritual traditions you are studying. For example, if you are studying Eastern Religions, you might like to work with a Tibetan resettlement project.



Please do not plan to attend if you cannot accept those whose ethnic or racial background, social or economic class, appearance, or sexual orientation are different from your own.



Costs are for each year of training and are on a sliding scale.
( Note: if you are new enrollee, you must begin with Cycle I.)

Per year - $595 -$390 (US$)
Audit - $595 -$390 (US$)
Optional verbal documentation - $60 (US$)

Intensive Costs: Costs for intensives are not included in the above. You may incur additional costs for travel and /or registration depending on your choice of intensives. You can choose the subject, location, and price of the intensive you attend.

In order to hold your space for the WTI Weekend Training Program a $100.00 non-refundable deposit must accompany your enrollment form. Unless you make other special arrangements, the remainder of your program fee is due at your first weekend.



Complete enrollment materials are available at the enrollment information link. Your application must be completed and returned with your $100 non-refundable deposit. WTI Weekend Groups are currently offered in: Austin, TX; Madison, WI; and Near Harrisburg, PA. Note, if you are unable to attend one of these current Weekend Groups, the WTI Athena Online Program is available. You can also look into starting a new WTI Weekend Group.


Special Needs

If you have special needs for ramped space, healthcare or other assistance, please advise us and your local contact. You may write or call to discuss your special needs and our ability to meet them. Please note: we cannot provide special services for you if you do not advise us of your needs ahead of time.



Sorry, no pets are allowed at WTI trainings.


Alcohol or Other Drugs

The use of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited at all WTI Training Weekends. You will be asked to respect this policy.



Because we have very limited space, it will not be possible to provide childcare.


Cell Phone Usage at WTI Events

Cell phones must be turned off during all WTI class hours. This limitation includes group meals, rituals, presentations and a participant's individual advising session(s). This specifically includes, but is not limited to, initiating or responding to texts, photos, video or audio recordings. Any individual emergency situational exceptions to this policy must be authorized by the group's Convening Advisor or her designee on a case-by-case basis.


Limitation on Audio/Visual Recording

No audio or visual recording is permitted at any WTI event without specific approval from the group and its Convening Advisor or her designee.


Can't Come to Any of the Existing Training Sites?

If you would like to participate in WTI Training but are unable to attend any of the already established Training sites, we may be able to come to you. RCG-I can send advisors to conduct WTI Weekend Groups in new areas for groups of 6 or more women. If you or your group is interested in sponsoring a WTI Weekend Group in your area please contact us.



If you cannot pay the entire yearly fee at your first weekend, we offer time payments.
Please note: If you choose to make time payments and decide to withdraw from the program before the year is up, you will still be responsible for paying for one full year of training.

revised 05/26/2012