WTI Staff and Volunteers

Convening Advisors

  • Advise Participants and answer questions about the Programs.
  • Organize and when appropriate present at Advising Weekends.
  • Receive and review documentation.
  • Provide pin request forms to Participants who have completed Cycle work.
  • Take attendance at each Advising Weekend.
  • Serve on the Advisory Council.


  • Answers questions about WTI administration, procedures and policies.
  • Enters payments, address changes, contracts, etc. into Participant files.
  • Mails contracts to all active Participants no later than Aug. 1 of each year.
  • Returns copies of contracts received Oct. 1 of each year, along with Student ID if requested, and payment coupons.
  • Prepares financial statements monthly and mails them (Nov 1 - Aug 1).