WTI Volunteers

Deepening Your Commitment

I'm in Cycle I and I want to be more involved. What else can I do?

You can become a Group Contact or Liaison. Contacts and Liaisons can be from any Cycle, Program or Path.

Group Liaisons
  • Solicit answers to questions posed by the WTI Advisory Council.
  • Act as a spokeswoman for their group issues, concerns and satisfactions.
  • Confer with other Liaisons about decisions which affect all WTI participants and make recommendations to the WTI Advisory Council

Group Contact
  • Provide information about their local WTI Group, including advising weekend dates, location, and schedule.
  • Have a signup sheet at each Advising Weekend. Ask Participants to provide current contact information (name, address, eddress and phone) and make arrangements for distribution of this information.

I'm in Cycle II or III and I'd like to become more involved, what can I do?

You can become a Peer Advisor
  • Explain and interpret the WTI Programs and answer questions.
  • Make suggestions about activities that meet program requirements and provide preliminary review of documentation.
  • Provide support, encouragement, and guidance.
  • Peer Advisors do not have to:
    • have all the answers.
    • Be a best friend, counselor, or personnel Priestess.
    • Advise more than 2-3 women at a time.