WTI Community Building

WTI Groups meet twice a year for Advising Weekends and may sponsor Intensives. If you are looking for more opportunities to connect with Goddess women you might be interested in some of the following:

Email Listserves

Once you are enrolled in a WTI Group you might like to communicate with other women in WTI through a listserve. A listserve is a group in which each email sent to the group goes to every individual on ìthe list.

To be added to the lists below, please contact us with the specific list(s) your are interested in along with your name, and your RCG-I membership number.

  • The RCG-I List: for all members of RCG-Iís Congregation. Here you can talk with women in your area and all over the world about a variety of topics from what happened at the last RCG-I gathering, to what is going on in your local community, to intense discussions on the politics of Goddess religion.
  • The WTI List:for all participants in WTI Training to talk about their work, Advising weekends and Intensives, share resources, and stay in touch with each other.
  • The Cella List: for participants in the Cella Program to share information and resources.
  • The Crone List: for participants in the Crone Program to share information and resources.
  • The Guardian List: for participants in the Guardian Program to share information and resource.

WTI Study Groups

Many WTI participants have found it helpful to gather regularly to discuss what they are working on and to share information with each other. If there are other WTI women near by, you might check to see if other WTI women are interested in starting a study group.

Local RCG-I Circles

In some areas there are local Circles who are part of RCG-I. You can visit their events and activities to have more continuing contact with like-minded women. If there isn't a RCG-I Circle in your area, contact us for information about starting one.

WTI Intensive

WTI Intensives are not only a great way to learn, they are a great way to visit other groups and meet other WTI women from everywhere.

Attend a RCG-I Gathering

A great way to meet other Goddess Women is to attend an RCG-I Gathering. The Gathering of Priestesses is the 3rd weekend in May and the Hallows Gathering is the 3rd weekend in October.