Glossary of Terms


Advisor— See Convening Advisor or Peer Advisor.

Advising Weekend—an Advising Weekend is one of two weekends a year when WTI participants meet together to share work and progress.

Advisory Council—See WTI Advisory Council.

Contact Person—A member of a WTI group who can provide information about the group including when and where a group will be meeting next.

Contract—See WTI contract.

Convening Advisor—In each WTI Group there is a Convening Advisor. This is each participant's primary Advisor. She is responsible for the overall activities of the Group.

Enrollment Materials— Information required to be submitted as part of the WTI enrollment process.

Assistant Advisor—A woman who has graduated from and who assists the Convening Advisor with the activities of a Group.

Group—A group of WTI participants who meet together two times a year.

Intensive— An Intensive is a weekend WTI training on a topic not a part of the WTI Core Curriculum. WTI participants may choose to attend any Intensive which interests them.

Intensive contact—A person designated by a group planning an Intensive to provide information to WTI.

Faculty—A person approved to present Intensives.

Sponsor—A group of people hosting an Intensive.

Training Group—See Group.

Liaison— A member of a WTI group who represents your Group to the WTI Liaisons. The Liaisons are the “student council” of WTI. They assist with decision making for WTI and have a representative on the WTI Advisory Council.

Liaison Representative—A Participant appointed by the Liaisons to represent them to the WTI Advisory Council.

Mother House—The offices of RCG-I and WTI.

Peer Advisor—A WTI participant in Cycle II or III who assists another WTI participant with interpreting her program, reviewing documentation and assists with her studies and helps with interpreting the program.

Program Guidelines— A document that details WTI policies.

Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess—International —The body that sponsors WTI.

WTI—The Women’s Thealogical Institute.

WTI Advisory Council— A group made up of all the Convening Advisors, a representative from the International Congregation, and a representative from the WTI Liaisons. This group makes policy decisions for WTI.

WTI Contract— A form filled out by all WTI participants outlining their financial commitments to WTI.