WTI Online Classes FAQ


Who teaches WTI Online Classes?

WTI Instructors are women selected because of their knowledge of women’s spirituality, Goddess religion, and/or the Craft. They are often “specialists” in their area of study. Most are graduates of the Women's Thealogical Institute and many are ordained Priestesses of the Goddess.


How do online classes work?

WTI Online classes are held via e-mail and listserves, sometimes with accompanying mailed handouts. Classes have weekly postings of materials to which participants read and respond. Instructors monitor and participate in these interactions. Classes may have other activities or assignments in which a participant is asked to take part. For example writing or research projects, outdoor activities where one interacts with the environment, personal art projects, casting your astrological chart, etc.


Do I have to be able to use Yahoo?

Yes, portions of WTI’s online classes are conducted on Yahoo list serves.

If you’re not familiar with Yahoo we can help you by phone or by e-mail to get onto the Yahoo group page, and/or assist you with setting up a Yahoo ID and password.

The first week’s class postings are designed to familiarize everyone with using Yahoo.

What happens after I register?

After your application, registration and payment are complete, the WTI Online Coordinator will e-mail you to confirm your registration. She will give you information about your classes, class structure, involvement and requirements. You should hear from her within 10 days of submitting your registration and payment.


How are the classes taught?

Each Instructor has a unique method of teaching. Some teach in “real time” as well as in the online classroom. Some Instructors mail hard copy assignments to read and be discussed by the class. Other Instructors post their weekly lessons so you can read and respond to them. Your instructor may also supply you with links to websites that offer additional insights and information on the topic of your class.

In some cases, there will be assignments for you to do on your own or as a group with your class. However, these assignments can be done in your own home.

What are my responsibilities?

Each participant is responsible for reading the given assignments, when necessary, asking clarifying questions and then sharing her experiences with other class members via the class’s yahoo list serve. In your responses you will be asked to be polite and respectful of diverse experience and opinions. Please do not enroll in WTI if you cannot be respectful of others class, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, spiritual practice or communication or technical abilities.

Your Instructor will inform you at the beginning of the class how often assignments will be posted, an estimate of how long it will take for you to complete your work, and what is required from you in response.

If other priorities or unexpected events do not allow you to complete a project or an assignment, you will be asked to post on your classes list serve and share what is going on and to let others know where you are with your work.

What expectations are there for me as a part of the class?

WTI Online Classes require active participation. All participants are expected to post to their listserve and share their work at least once a week. Everyone is asked to check in and report on their class experience, what is working for them and if they are being challenged by the material or work.

If your lists serve doesn’t hear from you for a while they may think you’re “lurking.”

In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, or chatroom, but does not participate.

When someone stops posting/never posts it can be unsettling to the other women in the class. It can be disquieting when a class member becomes invisible. When some women are sharing their feelings and experiences and others aren’t it can be considered disrespectful or even create a lack of trust. If it seems you are lurking either your Instructor or the Online Coordinator will contact you to find out what is happening. If you continue to lurk you may be “unsubbed” (removed) from the class list serve.

When you are thinking about enrolling in a class please consider if you will be able to be an active participant. If you don’t think you will have time to regularly answer posts, do/finish assignments or participate as a part of your on line class it may be better to wait.

What is the degree of difficulty of WTI’s Online Classes?

WTI’s Online Classes are college level courses. Every effort is made to clearly state the knowledge level of each class and the expectations for the work. You are free to talk to the WTI Online Coordinator in advance to be certain you understand the class expectations.

What if I have to drop out?

If you need to drop out simply tell your instructor or the WTI Online Coordinator and you will be removed from the class roster and list serve. No refunds will be made.


What is a Post?

A post is an e-mail message.

What is a List Serve?

A list serve is an e-mail based discussion group. When you reply to a listserve post, that post automatically goes to every person on the list serve; in this case, your Instructor and your classmates.

How Do I Post to the Listserve?

Once you are part of a listserve, just send an e-mail to the list serve’s address. The WTI Online Coordinator will provide you with this e-mail address once you are enrolled. Your post will then go to everyone in your class.

What is “real time?”

Real time is when information is received and immediately responded to without any time delay.