Texas WTI: Woman Shaman Intensive with Max Dashu

Woman Shaman Intensive

presented by

Max Dashu

The path of ecstatic incantation and dance leads into wisdom and healing, to unified consciousness. Max’s visual talks — on Invocation, Spirit Journeys, on Living Traditions — offer women a chance to recognize ourselves and our cultural heritages. We water our dreamscape by gazing upon medicine women, dreamers, invocation, healing, by witnessing women who have entered into spiritual union. We’ll taste the sounds of doctoring songs, ícaros, joik, and other sacred music.

We’ll enter into movement and incantation, sounding and energy release. In respectful and reverent circle, we’ll speak with each other about where we stand now, our current dilemmas in a world that boxes us in from various directions, and how we overcome those obstacles. We’ll address Healing the Female, ways we are freeing our body-minds, Removing the Cultural Spells that bind us. We may dip into other visual presentations, audience choice, as the need is felt.

Women’s spiritual traditions offer wisdom and inspiration in this time of crisis. Few of us have the security of an intact tradition that fully empowers women. It is crucial to reintegrate our beings, to reweave and heal the ripped web of culture. We are recreating ancestral heritages, moving away from performance into transformance. We will reconnect with Deep Source in whatever way feels right, re-growing the art of ceremony in community, in presence, at ease in our bodies, as we dance and chant in our full power.

Workshop Logistics:

Dates/Times: Workshop begins Friday, 22 February, 7 pm, and ends Sunday, 24 February, 2 pm.

Location: Alma de Mujer, 13621 FM 2769, Austin, TX 78726

Transportation: If flying in and renting a car, we recommend carpooling. We can put out-of-town attendees in touch with each other to facilitate arrangement. Ask about other transportation needs.

Lodging: Alma de Mujer (Soul of Woman or Soul of the Woman) has a group of separate buildings for sleeping arrangements. Each building sleeps 4+ people mostly with twin beds and each building has community bathrooms with showers and/or tubs. All buildings require the ability to climb at least a few steps from ground level except the main building which has a shallow ramp to the back. Bedding and towels are provided.

Meals: Plans for meals and food have not yet been finalized.

Workshop cost $150 - $175

Registration and questions: Stephanie Lowe, Claddagh_SSL@yahoo.com, 512.484.6940, or Becky Howell, Bek.Howell@gmail.com, 512.281.6111. Afternoons and evenings are best.