Asheville Amazon Moon WTI Intensive: Sonic Shamanism with MG

Sonic Shamanism with Mary Gaul(MG)
April 12-14, 2019

From Mary Gaul:

It is my belief that our Amazon ancestors used the creative power of voice to heal themselves, each other, the planet and to protect themselves from harm. Sounding has been practiced in all cultures and continues today around the globe. Shamans utilize this skill in various forms for healing as well as other applications. Shamans tell us we do not need to study for years to do shamanic work because they have already laid the energetic foundation over eons. They are calling for people to get on with the work of bringing balance to our world now!

In this intensive we will explore the power of voice for healing and magic. Learning to use your voice for sounding is a skill you can and should use daily to maintain balance in your physical body and energy fields. This practice will reduce stress levels and boost your immune system as well as strengthening your “infrastructure.” In these dark times of the erasure of females, it is critical that womyn learn to use the gift of their voices.

Overview of Content
• Basic teachings, concepts and applications of subtle energy and sound
• Historical roots and cultural practices of sounding
• Applications of sounding
• Personal practice
• Breathing
• Setting intention
• Grounding
• Sounding in silence
• Individual and group practice…..lots of it!

Everyone will be able to use sounding by end of intensive. It will only require continued practice to strengthen your skills.

Tuition: sliding scale $170-$190

Food: Meals will be provided by the Asheville WTI members for Friday evening, Saturday lunch and evening.

Transportation: Transportation from the Asheville Airport will be provided.

Housing: Limited housing at the venue is available for $50/night. Community housing is also available

Schedule: The intensive begins Friday afternoon at 4 pm and will end Sunday at 1 pm.

To Register: Contact Gayle at to register or for more information.