RCG-I's Mission

To foster positive spiritual growth among all people, particularly women.

RCG-I Herstory

The Women's Spirituality Movement was coming of age in 1982 when Jade River moved to Madison, WI. Fortified with a suitcase full of visions and a small inheritance she began to look for other women who shared her interest in the Goddess. Coming from Kentucky, Jade knew what it was to be isolated and feel like "the only one." Building on a statement by Gandhi, "If you want to build a movement, you have to have a press," Jade began to search for women who could help her create a venue for women who wanted to celebrate and serve the Goddess.

Not long after coming to Madison, Jade met Lynnie Levy. Lynnie had the skills needed to publish a newspaper and in 1983 Jade and Lynnie put out the first issue of Of A Like Mind. At that time, it was the only publication specifically dedicated to networking and honoring spiritual women. Publishing Of A Like Mind connected Jade and Lynnie to thousands of women. It was a wonderful vehicle for collecting and synthesizing women's thoughts. It became clear many spiritual women believed that Goddess religion should have the same recognition as any other religion in the United States, so in 1983 Lynnie and Jade incorporated the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess - International in the state of Wisconsin. In that same year, they applied for status as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt religious organization and in 1984 the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess-International became the first legally recognized religion serving the women's spiritual community.

From there the Congregation has grown and expanded. It now has local circles in many states and has trained and ordained numerous priestesses. The Congregation currently offers training, conferences, goddess merchandise and much more.

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