RCG-I Membership

Membership in the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International is open to all women who declare themselves on a positive path of spiritual growth. To become a member all you have to do is type your name; but the simple act of typing your name can be a deeply meaningful decision. Becoming a member of the Congregation is a way of making a personal commitment to focus on the process of discovering yourself as a Goddess woman.

Inscribing your name will not transform you instantly into a different or more spiritual person. Being a member of the Congregation can be accomplished in an instant, but how it shapes your life is part of an ongoing process of exploration, discovery and experience that is up to you. Your name is a symbol of your willingness to investigate your spirituality in positive, life-affirming ways, of seeking to know Goddess and our earth connections from a perspective which is both ancient and contemporary.

The Congregation is dedicated to those who wish to explore a positive path of spiritual development. This philosophy of spiritual development is expressed in the Affirmation of Women's Spirituality. Those wishing to join the Congregation must read and consider the Affirmation. Considering the Affirmation challenges you to define your spiritual beliefs.

The Congregation encourages the independent investigation of truth. If you find, after considering the Affirmation, you are primarily in agreement with it, or are willing to explore your areas of uncertainty, we will welcome you into the Congregation.

Women's religion is gathering strength as each woman who shares this religious perspective makes the commitment to become a member and find her own ways to celebrate and serve the Goddess. By becoming a member of the Congregation, you affirm the importance of a religious organization for women. Working together we can create a vehicle for the embodiment of the thoughts and ideals of Goddess women.

You are invited to add your name to the thousands of other women who have joined the Congregation and assist in creating religious community. By typing your name, you stand in solidarity with women through the ages who have observed and invoked Goddess. By typing your name, you join a group where Goddess women come together to explore and celebrate women's spiritual experience. By typing your name, you become part of a group that is working to bring Goddess consciousness back into the world.

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